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Southern Comforts Meats - Angry Barnyard BBQ
Angry Barnyard BBQ

Southern Comfort


Choose two meats and two sides to start. Served with cornbread, sauce, and pickles.

AB Southern Comfort Meat Option #1 (Select 1):Brisket +$1Pork Sausage Chicken Turkey Ribs Tritip +$2
AB Southern Comfort Meat Option #2 (Select 1):Brisket +$2Tri tip +$4Pork Sausage Chicken Turkey Ribs
AB Southern Comfort Side Options (Select 2):Chili Beans Mac N' Cheddar Greens and Hamhocks Cheesy Pepper Grits Slaw Country Caviar Potato salad Tomato Pie
AB Sauce Options:Carolina Gold- Mustard Based, great with pork and sausage Alabama White- Mayo based with a little tang for Pork and Chicken Gentlemens Classic- Smooth and smokey, not overly sweet Sassy Southerner- Somethin' that will bring a 'lil more heat & tang to your plate!